Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Cannon Fodder

My trusty camera drones captured this scene - clearly recognisable to any EVE Mission Runners, determined to blow the shit out of any structure in sight as well as all the NPC rats.

Unfortunately, not much later that day, it was the trusty L'Escargo (my Gallente Dominix class battleship) providing the explosive jollies for a group of 0.3 sec gate campers.

Yes folks, its been a bad week for Vestik - and really all due to my own complacency or foolishness.

I'd decided to make a move out into Gallente space for a while and run some Federation Intelligence missions there. With my waypoint settings confidently set on "shortest" as opposed to "safest" route, I started the 19 or so jumps out to Gallente Space. Having perhaps gotten slightly overconfident (you think?) I didn't think twice about the route through 0.3 space, and I blitheley clicked closed the extremely clear warnings about what I could expect.

A few jumps into lowsec, in Tannolen (0.3), and I hit (what I realise now) was the inevitable gate camp.

They pwned me completely.... but seeing as I was set upon by a fleet consisting of pilots from Death's Legioin and Surge in 2 x Megathrons (Gallente battleship), an Abaddon (Amarr battleship), a Sacriledge (Amarr HAC), a Hurricane (Minmitar battlecruiser), a Zealot (Amarr HAC), a Phobos (Gallente heavy interdictor), and a Scorpion (Caldari battleship) that is really no surprise.

I've got no real experience of low sec, and spending all my time in High sec for the past 3 - 4 montsh, I've got completely bloody complacent!!

Frankly, I see the cost of replacing and refitting the Domi as just deserts, a richly deserved lesson, and a much needed wake-up call.

I'm still toying with the idea of getting into Faction warfare soon (I'm setting myself the goal of waiting until I'm working back in the UK), and when I join up, I'll have thousands of pilots I'm at war with out for me, not just the odd well organised and highly efficient gate camp. So a "wake up and smell the coffee" moment like that is nescessary.

So philosophical about my stupidity - and after two big lessons this week, I've hopefully learnt a couple of lessons.

No doubt I'll make a multitude of equally stupid mistakes in future... and hopefully you'll be here to laugh at them with me.

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