Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Now You See Me.... (and will continue to do so until I've trained for a cloaking device!)

Buzzard, originally uploaded by Vestik Malice.

My EVE activity over the past few weeks has mainly consisted of managing skills, and running the occasional solo mission. Despite not having logged much game time (I’ve been working long hours in the office where I can’t connect EVE, probably a good thing!), I’ve had access to EVE Mon and the Ship Fitting Tool. When I want some office down-time, I’ve been planning and setting myself some targets to achieve.... and then managing the skills training morning and night.

I’m really pleased with how that is going!

1) Li Ran can now fly a Buzzard. I’ve picked one up in Jita and made the maiden voyage home - and I’m really pleasantly surprised how cool it looks! Reminiscent of the Imperial Shuttles in Jedi. I’ve got a Covert Ops Cloaking Device in the hold, which I’m still training for, and then I’m going to do all the Astrometrics skills to enable Exploration. Looking forward to trying that in a few weeks time.

2) Brother Venkat will shortly be in a Guardian, with Tech II armour repping and cap transfer. I’ve even been impatient enough to buy the ship and the fittings, though it is still going to be a while before I can get him in there. When I’m back home and on my PC/broadband combo (rather than the laptop and crappy hotel wifi connection), I’m looking forward to having him fly support for Ves while I give soloing level IV missions a go. Should be fun!

3) Vestik is now training for a Kronos. I’ve just set Battleships V going which will be 40 days – ouch! And right now, I’ve got no idea how I’ll be able to afford one. But I’ve been flying the Dominix for a long time now, training up Drones, and I think he’s due a change. I was thinking of training for an Assault Frig, or HAC, but I’ve decided I enjoy solo mission running (certainly at the moment it suits my unpredictable playing times) and want to be able to do it Marauder style! Need to spend ages on gunnery skills too as all of Vestik’s DPS is in the trusty Drones, and I want to get some more punch from my rails.

So tomorrow I leave Hong Kong for good, returning to a new job in London. Will be setting some long skills for Li Ran and Brother Venkat (as well as Venkat’s 40 dayer) as I’ve got 2 weeks holiday where I’m going away and not planning on using any technology more advanced than a camping stove and an electric toothbrush. Well, maybe my iPod.

But then, back with a vengeance, and looking forward to getting back into a normal working life & playing time rhythm!



Scott said...

I just finished training for my Buzzard as well.

I love the look too, couldn't help myself even though it was for my industrial character to zip around in safely. ;)

Vestik Malice said...

I hadn't looked it up on EVE Ships or anything beforehand, so I didn't know what to expect, which made it especially nice.

Looking forward to having cloaking device fitted soon... apparently the premium graphics cloaking effect is nice.

I think in addition to the exploration, I might just indulge in a bit of tourism and have a wander around places I haven't been. Any suggestions?

Manasi said...

Buzz is a great ship I acted as EYES in many engagements in Vale and the Tribute area as well as in Stain with my Buzz.

Tony said...

mhmm, very interesting.
I just have 5 more days until I can fly covert ops ships, which then after I am able to fit cloak I will write some more reviews for them.
I hope you will write on your thoughts on the game when you are not able to play EVE.
Have fun and good luck, I'll be checking back often!

Vestik Malice said...

Tony - thanks for the comment! Please post link for your reviews when they're done - I'd love to read them and compare notes.