Sunday, 26 October 2008

Who Guards The Guardian?

Four ships went to war...
Originally uploaded by Vestik Malice

The short answer: no one. Whoops.

I've moved over to the Corporation representing the combat arm of our Industrial alliance, and have been thoroughly enjoying getting into group missioning.

We've been war-decced, again, but the corp in question haven't been seen around much, certainly when I've been online. A corp-mate & I made runs over to Eve Uni HQ in Korsiki and back, in order to move my PvP ships back to our base of operations (2 x Tristram frigate tacklers, and Vexor and a Myrmidon) so I could scramble quickly if needs be. But with that done, a constant eye on local, and a number of Cov Ops pilots scouting around the region, we commenced a few Level IV missions.

You can see most of our gang in the photo; Abbadon, Armageddon, Caldari Navy Raven, Vestik in his Dominix, and (out of shot), Brother Venkat in The Gruniad.

Now our CNR pilot has a cap-stable shield tank that can just run and run, Venkat was a little less in demand for cap. Though during Blockade his armour repping came into its own as each successive new wave of rats aggro'd (without fail) one of our DPS ships and not the CNR or Domi tanks.

Why I didn't think that, with the Abbadon warped out to pick up ammo (for the CNR), it might be some other poor suckers turn for aggo and get The Gruniad out of the way, I don't know.

I've learnt ANOTHER expensive lesson (after all, every ship lost in EVE is a lesson learnt, I find), which is that there's no shame in making Brother Venkat run like a little girl at the first sign of trouble... or even, just get him out of there until aggro has been pulled by appropriately tanked ships.

So yes, my lovely new Guardian buckeld under overwhelming force, enemies ripping through his shield, armour and hull like a hot knife through butter, and reducing me to a smoking pod in an impressively short time. Curses.

I turned the fleet chat channel blue for a few minutes (a practive strongly discouraged in our Alliance chat), but simply stuck Venkat in a shuttle to Jita on autopilot and carried on with the mission.

Thanks to the generosity of my fleet, who all made donations to the cause, The Gruniad II made his way back to the fray another mission or two down.

Looking forward to another day of the same.... I hope our enemies of war are as dormant today as they were yesterday. That said, would be quite fun to have a little PvP to spice things up.....



PsycheDiver said...

Group missioning is one of my favorite things to do.

Tony said...

Oh ouchies. Well I'm happy that you got your ship back!

Just wondering, why did the Abaddon need ammo? Wouldn't it be using lasers?

Ombey said...

Who guards the Guardian? Another Guardian :) nice writeup

Vestik Malice said...

@ Tony - Great question; I hadn't thought it through at the time, so had to go ask it myself! Our Abbadon went to pick up ammo for the CNR, the spirit of teamwork being very much alive in our Corp!