Saturday, 1 November 2008

The simple things in life

A Gallente Shuttle
Originally uploaded by Vestik Malice

I'm doing a bit of housekeeping today, such as relocating jump clones a lot closer to where I live these days.

I'm auto-piloting around in a shuttle, and I realised, I think the Gallente shuttle is probably one of my favourite-looking ships in the game.

There's something about it I find really appealing, but its simplicity and clean lines are lovely.

So nothing else profound or interesting for now... just something nice and simple.


Fholcan said...

It is a really nice ship, isn't it? If we're only talking about shuttles, it has to be my favorite one, although the Amarr version also has it's merits.

Erbo Evans said...

Indeed. The Gallente shuttle looks like a cool little "space-plane," and I've flown that more often than any other shuttle.

The Minmatar shuttle also has its good points; it looks kind of like a TIE Fighter from Star Wars.

And, of course, the Apotheosis looks pretty wild; I don't fly my copy of it (named Grey Ghost) much, though.

Flavan said...

They're lovely. I like Gallente Shuttles, Thoraxes, and Retrievers. They just "look right"